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So you've decided to pick up a weightlifting belt? Maybe you even came here after reading our extensive guide discussing whether you should buy one or not. There are many types and brands of weightlifting belt, and finding the right one for your budget can be difficult. Your belt might last a lifetime, so it is vital to work out what's best for you.

MyProtein Leather Lifting Belt

Usually £18.99 |

Myprotein offers a relatively inexpensive and simple leather weight lifting belt. The belt is a standard 4 inches from top to bottom with a double prong buckle. Be careful though as the sizing runs a little large. While the website states that it fits 32"-40" waists, many 32" waist lifters will need to drill extra prong holes.

Summary: Decent value, durable, starter, leather belt.

Golds Gym GG-G3722 Leather Lumbar Belt

Varies £10-£20 |

Like many Golds Gym products, this is a low-cost, entry-level weight lifting belt. It is a very stiff belt so expect a very lengthy breaking-in period. Fortunately, it comes in a variety of lengths so chances are you will find one that fits. The fastening is a double prong buckle, and the belt is 4 inches wide.

Summary: Decent value, extremely stiff, leather belt.

RDX Leather 4" Padded Exercise Lifting Belt

Usually £25.49 |

RDX's Leather belt comes in two awesome shades of dark brown and navy blue. In contrast to Golds Gym, this is a very flexible leather belt and is suitable for people with smaller torsos who will not be able to tolerate a stiff belt. It still does the job - remember the primary purpose of a lifting belt is to engage your ab muscles. This 4-inch wide belt is good value and has a double prong buckle. RDX also offer a 6-inch wide version for individuals with extra-long upper bodies.

Summary: Superb value, flexible yet durable, leather belt.

Bad Boy Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Varies £20-£30 |

The Bad Boy Weight Lifting Belt is made of leather and suede and is one of the more durable and stiff belts around. 4 inches wide, with a double prong buckle, the Bad Boy belt also features a quick release system, handy after a new PB. Ultimately this is a decent belt, but there are cheaper entry-level belts out there (see above!)

Summary: Stiff leather belt with a quick release buckle. A little expensive for the quality.

RDX 10mm Power Lever Belt Crossfit Training

Usually £32.99 |

RDX offer a decent value lever lifting belt. Lever buckle systems theoretically allow for a tighter fit and a quicker release system versus traditional leather belts. Unfortunately, the same mechanism is usually the first bit to break. RDX's belt is extremely stiff, and you should expect a reasonable breaking in period. The belt is 10mm thick and 4 inches wide the whole way around.

Summary: Decent value, stiff lever belt.

Harbinger Women's 5" Foam Core Belt

Varies £15-£20 |

Designed for women, but there's no reason a guy could not wear this. The colours are pretty awesome - black foam and a pink or purple strap. The abdominal section is 2" wide, and the 5" section is designed to support your back. Contrary to popular belief, the extra surface area around the back is unlikely to provide many benefits. The Harbinger belt does a good job as a lightweight synthetic belt.

Summary: A simple synthetic belt that does the job and comes in unique and fresh colours.

Schiek Training Belt 4.75”

Varies £30-£40 |

Schiek has produced a high-quality synthetic training belt with some unique features. The belt has a secure double-fastening system which provides security under heavy loads. The back of the belt is angled to fit the contour of your lower back, and the sides are thinner to enhance comfort. It comes in a variety of sizes and fresh colours and is the best synthetic belt on the market.

Summary: Supreme quality lifting belt at a competitive price.

Valeo Competition Classic Lifting Belt

Varies £10-£20 |

Valeo's 4-inch memory foam belt has a secure cam buckle, which provides a far better fastening than synthetic versions that rely on velcro alone. The downside is that the buckle might dig into your ribs a little. This synthetic belt is lightweight and infinitely adjustable, so it should fit perfectly, which is a significant advantage for individuals that find themselves in the middle of two prong sizes on traditional leather belts.

Summary: Decent value, snug and secure fitting belt. Highly recommended if you are happy to go synthetic.

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