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Within-Grasp — Liquid Chalk

Strength Training Program For Women: Can You Pull Up?

Chelsea Liquid Chalk Strength Building Strong Women Women

There is no denying that being able to do a pull up is just plain awesome. Show that your strength far exceeds just looking great by mastering the ever-impressive pull up!

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Hacking Deadlifts: 4 Variations Everyone Should Know

Ben Deadlifts Liquid Chalk Weight Lifting

At some point you will have performed or witnessed a conventional deadlift. But are you missing out on four key variations?

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Rock Climbing For Beginners - What To Wear

Liquid Chalk Michael Rock Climbing

Everyone is a beginner rock climber at one point in their lives. What should you wear?

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Liquid Gym Chalk - Grip For Geeks

Liquid Chalk Michael Science

Do you exercise? Do you have hands? Feeling geeky? Great!

Let's get into the science behind liquid chalk.

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Liquid Chalk Reinvented In Colour

Ben Liquid Chalk

Liquid chalk is designed to coat your hands, helping to remove sweat and improve your grip.
This helps you lift more, climb higher and hold on for longer.

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