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Day 10: How To Lose 10kg In 50 Days

How To Lose 10kg in 50 Days Michael

Yes! I have lost 2.8kg in 10 days, beating the 2.0kg budget by a whopping 40%. Despite this early victory I barely made it to the gym, having started work again after a long and lazy Christmas break. The diet was much better but unfortunately I broke 'dry-January' after just nine days. Damn. Definitely room for improvement in all areas.

Discovering Turkey Sausages and Flowering Brussel Sprouts

This is what I ate for the first ten days of the program. As you can probably guess, green means good, red means bad and yellow means the meal was neutral.

Day Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snacks Alcohol
1 Nothing Cod and rice Skinless chicken, sweet potatoes and sprouts Skinless chicken None
2 Eggs Cod, eggs, spinach and rice Turkey sausages, sweet potatoes and sprouts Turkey sausages None
3 Turkey sausages Chicken breast and rice Venison, radish and sprouts Eggs None
4 Nothing Cod and rice Turkey sausages and sweet potatoes Turkey sausages None
5 Eggs and spinach Chicken breast and rice Buckwheat pancake and salmon galette Popcorn, eggs None
6 Eggs Brown bread turkey sandwich Pizza Turkey breast Beer
7 Brown bread chicken sandwich Turkey, sweet potatoes and nectarine salsa Turkey breast Eggs None
8 Nothing Salmon, broccoli and mushrooms Steak, asparagus and sprouts Porridge None
9 Nothing Club sandwich Lamb chops and chicken Nothing Whisky
10 Nothing Duck wrap Pork loin, prawns and sprouts Cheese sandwich None

As you can see from the numerous green cells I was broadly able to stick to my diet-principles over the first ten days of the challenge. Breaking dry-January was a disappointment, but was always likely to happen at some point. I also had a habit of missing breakfast in my usual morning rush to work. That's something I need to address. While missing the occasional meal is not particularly unhealthy, breakfast helps to kickstart the metabolism every day.

It's quite hard to get excited about food when you're trying to eat well, but I managed to create a few interesting dinners. I discovered good quality turkey sausages at my local sainsburys and worked through loads of the protein-packed sticks.

I have also just found out about flowering brussel sprouts. Each sprout looks like a miniature lettuce and they worked well with several meals, including the incredibly lean venison steak and radish pictured above. And yes, that meal was as tasty as it was good-looking.

Just do it... infrequently

Three workouts in 10 days was not the greatest start. I feel inclined to blame my job, it's been quite busy at my accounting firm. I have also been struggling with some back problems lately, and I cancelled at least one run because of it.

Despite this I made it to the gym twice. Both workouts included a short heavy lifting session finished off with a bodyweight triset.

On day two I figured heavy deadlifts might help me break-through the back pain. It made sense at the time! I slowly worked my way up to 170kg over 8 sets, enjoying leisurely rest periods, before finishing with 3 low-weight but high-repetition sets, lifting 80kg for 10 repetitions. I ended the workout with three sets of my favourite bodyweight exercises:

  • Pull-ups x 4 repetitions
  • Tricep dips x 8 repetitions
  • TRX rows to failure (around 12 repetitions)

On day four I did something similar, but replaced deadlifts with heavy shoulder presses in the lifting rack.

Day six saw me run for the first time during the regime. I hit four miles - and could have kept going - but thought it was best not to overdo the stress on my back.

I didn't train again for the rest of the ten days. It was kind of disappointing but on the bright side it's good to be on target knowing I've still got some improvements to make.

Looking ahead

The first few pounds are always the easiest to shift. After a gentle start to this challenge, the next 10 days will need to be much more aggressive to maintain my weight-loss trajectory. There's also a startling trend towards unhealthy meals and alcohol. Will I slip up?

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