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How To Lose 10kg In 50 Days

How To Lose 10kg in 50 Days Michael

Whether you call it a resolution or just a good old life goal, I am ready for a new challenge: losing 10kg in 50 days.

Losing 11% of my bodyweight in under two months is no easy task but should be achievable given a bit of knowledge and determination. Like many people approaching their thirties, I can feel myself slowly getting fatter despite getting stronger. It is time to stop the decline. Tonight was the weigh-in and I am 89.2kg.

A Principal Diet

There is no chance I'll be able to follow a planned diet, even one as simple as calorie counting. So I'm resorting to a principles based diet. I need to achieve two things - to keep my calorie intake below my calorie expenditure (to lose weight) - but still ensure I feed my muscles appropriately for the rigorous training program.


My thoughts are as follows:

  • eat eggs (lots of them)
  • keep my meat lean
  • eat vegetables (check out the flowering brussel sprouts above)
  • minimise pointless calories, like bread
  • continue to love sweet potatoes
  • abstain from alcohol for a while (dry January anyone?)

Nothing too revolutionary there, right? My egg-cellent plan is to keep a bunch of boiled eggs on hand in the fridge, so if I ever fancy snacking I can skip the cheese sandwich and wolf down an egg or two.

Running the Gym

They say weight loss is 80% diet and 20% exercise, but I am taking no chances and will train like a beast for the next 50 days.

10 Kilograms, 50 Days, 14 Miles

I'm an irregular jogger, but running is a useful way to shed extra calories. I've run a half-marathon in training before so this is an achievable target, albeit 3 years ago. I am extremely out of shape at the moment though and struggled through a light 3 mile jog the other day so it will still be a big challenge. I'll be following the half-marathon program included in the Nike Running App and for added motivation I treated myself to a pair of bright pink running shoes.

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

Any good training program must include strength training. Running might shed a few extra calories now, but strength training will increase my overall energy burning capacity and create a healthy foundation for long term weight loss. As a result I'll continue to focus on strength training with the aim of increasing my one rep max for the bench press (100kg), shoulder press (70kg) and deadlift (190kg). Given the intensive running regime I'll simply aim to maintain squat strength (120kg).

I'll also build in bodyweight exercises into my workouts - think pull-ups, press-ups and lunges. After all, what's the point in deadlifting 200kg if you can't even do a pull-up?

Join me in my quest to lose 10kg, subscribe to our weekly updates below for the lowdown on my progress, including detailed analysis of my food intake and workouts. And if you know anyone that is slowly putting on weight, then why not share this? I can speak as one of them, and in 51 days they will thank you for it.

50 Days Is Within GRASP

Pink liquid chalk will be the perfect complement to my conspicuous Flyknit Racers over the next 50 days. Our liquid gym chalk will help me to push out extra pull-ups and extra deadlifts. I'll need every repetition I can get.

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