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You can't train like a Ferrari if you eat like a Mini Cooper

Weekly Newsletter

If you've seen our Instagram feed, then you'll know that we love a good motivational quote here at GRASPFIT. This one is my favourite. But in the battle to reduce calorie intake, many people do not eat enough to appropriately fuel their workouts - are you one of them? Check out our training tip below. But first, here's our playlist and workout of the week.

Playlist: GRASPFIT Rock On!

Featuring Nirvana, Green Day and Limp Bizkit, this awesome playlist reminds me of my teenage years. Back then we didn't even know what an emo was.

Pull the playlist straight into your iTunes/iPhone by clicking here: GRASPFIT Workout Playlist

Spotify playlists coming soon!

Workout: 20 Mins AMRAP

Push your personal limits with a lung burning As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) workout.

Session | Exercise
A1 | Box Jump Burpees x 20
A2 | Press Ups x 10
A3 | Mountain Climbers x 30
A4 | Medicine Ball Slams x 10
A5 | Kettlebell Swings x 20
A6 | Run x 400m
Repeat AMRAP over 20 minutes

    Training Tip: You can't train like a Ferrari if you eat like a Mini Cooper

    If you significantly reduce your calorie intake, your body will quickly decrease your metabolism to preserve fuel stores. A lower metabolism means you burn less calories. It's a vicious (and hungry) circle and you'll end up with a smaller engine and lower potential to burn the food that you actually do eat.

    And don't forget stress-induced hunger. By starving your body, chances are you'll elevate your levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Your hormonal system may be thrown out of balance, leading to disrupted sleep, poor digestion and loss of muscle mass.

    As the title says, if you want a big engine, feed it appropriately. Otherwise you'll find yourself downgrading to a smaller model soon enough.

    Share something this christmas

    Looking for a unique gift this Christmas? Give the gift of sticky fingers with our extra special liquid gym chalk. Failing that, give the gift of well-earned weight-loss by sharing this workout with someone who needs it most.

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