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Strength Training Superfoods: Cannellini Beans

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Cannellini Beans are amazing! A firm texture and mildly nutty flavour, they are cheap and canned - so you can stock up and cook them at short notice. What makes them so good?
Building Muscle
We all love potatoes or rice as the main side dish in a meal, but replacing these with beans is a muscle building alternative. Why? Cannellini beans are 25% protein! Replacing rice with cannellini beans means you get an extra punch of protein in your meal - perfect.
Low GI
Carbohydrate consumption leads to a sharp rise in blood sugar levels - useful when you need a quick burst of energy - but not helpful when you crash a few hours later. Crashing equals snacking, which you want to avoid. Low GI foods metabolise slowly - releasing energy over time - curbing hunger and reducing your chances of developing diabetes and heart problems. Beans are low GI, and cannellini beans have one of the lower GI ratings in the bean spectrum.
High in Fiber
Closely linked to the GI score, cannellini beans are high in fiber. No one actually likes vegetables (honestly) so fiber can be hard to get into your diet. Cannellini beans solve this problem!
Cannellini beans are high in leucine, which is an amino acid essential for muscle recovery. You will find weight lifting supplements are packed with leucine, and cannellini beans are a great natural source of recovery juice.
And of course, cannellini beans are low in fat. Adding these super beans to your diet means you can save your fat calories for chicken wings and doughnuts.
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