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Fasted Cardio: How To Lose Weight Fast

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Running on Empty: The Dirty on Fasted Cardio

Ever chat with a fellow gym-goer next to you on a cardio machine in the wee morning hours and hear that they have not eaten yet? 

We call this fasted cardio. As unpleasant as it may sound, there is strong scientific reasoning behind it. Chances are, fasted cardio is right for you too.

We break our fast at breakfast, having not eaten for around ten hours. During sleep, our bodies rest, regenerate and burn the remaining fuel from the day before. Glucogen stores are all but gone and levels of insulin - the commander of fat breakdown - are also low. Without these two sources to pull energy from, the body looks to fat stores for fuel.

One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Weight

Many studies show that fasted state cardio burn more calories than cardio performed after eating. Once we have food in our body, our insulin levels increase, leading to a lesser metabolic burn. If you are looking to drop weight for a set goal, such as a competition, vacation or wedding then fasted cardio is a great solution.

In the long term, however, you’ll want to incorporate forms of cardio that produce an afterburn (link to article), such as HIIT. 

Although perhaps not the most pleasant experience, fasted cardio will work. As with all things exercise and fitness related, the bigger piece of the puzzle is making sure the foods you are eating when you do eat are the right ones for reaching your goals. To fast or not to fast, that is the question!

You intake is hugely important in helping you lose weight fast. Subscribe to our affordable nutrition plan and lose weight today!

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