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Game Changing High Intensity Interval Training: Lose Weight With HIIT

Chelsea Losing Weight

Think of cardio: do you picture somebody slaving over a treadmill for an hour, running the endless belt to nowhere? This might appear to be the more common form of cardio, it is certainly not the only option. High intensity interval training, referred to as HIIT, is a form of cardio that is a game changer.

HIIT is believed to be the most effective form of cardio for weight loss. But what exactly is it, and how does it work? HIIT, much like its name suggests, is high-intensity exercise. Unlike lower intensity cardio, which is aerobic, HIIT is anaerobic, meaning it takes place in the absence of oxygen. Strength training is also classified as anaerobic. Anaerobic training is how muscle growth happens.

Short and Sweet

If you are looking to lose weight and save time, HIIT is the answer. In just a 15-20 minute session, you can burn more calories than you would slaving away on a treadmill for twice as long. During a HIIT session, you will perform all out bursts of cardio for a short period of time (10-30 seconds). Examples of HIIT cardio are sprinting on a treadmill - or on a track - or an all out sprint up a flight of stairs. You can perform HIIT on a bike or a rowing machine too.

Science Me Now

The afterburn of a normal cardio session is incomparable to that of the afterburn of a HIIT session. You can experience the increased metabolic rate that HIIT yields for 24 hours after your workout. During that 24 hour window, the body also releases growth hormone (HGH). HGH helps burn more calories and slow the aging process. HIIT also helps increase cardiovascular condition, allowing you to do low to moderate cardio for longer periods of time. You'll keep your hard-earned muscle and work on losing fat at the same time.

Start out by doing smaller periods of intervals as you condition your body to get used to HIIT sessions - this type of training is certainly not for beginners. If you're looking to take your training to the next level, optimize your time, and burn fat, HIIT is it. We can give you a HIIT plan to meet any weight loss goal, with a nutrition plan that will stop you from burning out!

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