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How To Improve Grip: Essential Accessories

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You can lift more weight with better grip. I learned that myself when I first tried a set of wrist straps and immediately added 40kg to my deadlift. Simply improving grip also has a significant impact on pullups and all olympic lifts - essentially any "pull" exercise. There are loads of ways to improve your grip - this is our guide to the most essential grip-supporting accessories.

Wrist Straps

These come in a few forms, the most common of which is a single-loop wrist strap. These are useful for preventing damage to your palms since they wrap around the bar and you grip the straps. I find them a little fiddly but other members of Team Grasp use them when deadlifting over 200kg. When I started lifting I used figure-of-eight wrist straps which are basically cheating. They work by transferring the weight from the wrist to the sturdier forearm.

Wrist Wraps

These loop around your thumb and are then wrapped around the wrist multiple times, finally secured with some velcro. Relatively common, these increase tension in the wrist, similar to the way a deadlift belt works. I often use the less common heavy duty wrist strap which does not loop around the thumb. Wrist wraps are particularly useful when having to twist your wrists, such as when you deadlift with a mixed grip.

Cotton Tape Grip

Not used very often, the tape grip is a strip of cotton that extends from the wrist to the bottom of your fingers. It is secured at each end by looping around your wrist and two of your fingers. These grips also come in leather but are not very common and the ones I have seen require wrist straps to secure in place.

Hook Grip

Did you know you can buy little wrist straps with hooks attached? The look as horrendous as they sound. I am sure that they work very well but if you add a hook to your wrist strap then you might as well go deadlift in the smith machine.

Liquid Chalk

If you are reading this article chances are you are already familiar with our coloured liquid chalk! Liquid chalk is a staple for rock climbers, gym nuts and crossfitters. Simply squirt some on your hands and give it a few seconds to dry. It leaves a healthy residue of chalk which will keep your hands sweat free and extra grippy. And it wouldn't be a GraspFit blog post if I didn't include a link to buy liquid chalk!

Did I miss anything out? There are plenty of niche and novel alternatives so let me know in the comments and I'll update the article. And check out how to improve your grip strength too.

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