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The Key To Being Strong And Sexy

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Strong is the new sexy

"Lifting heavy makes women bulky, it is dangerous and bad for your joints"

Many uninformed fitness enthusiasts are feeding this myth and it is stopping women from reaping the huge benefits that come with resistance training.

The truth is weight training will give you a healthier, stronger body, and will also increase energy, sleep quality and reduce stress… sound good?

Weight training vs cardio

Yes, running on the treadmill for an hour watching a tv show is fun, but the reality is weight training burns more calories in a head-to-head battle against cardio.

Your body burns calories during weight training and also continues to burn calories at a higher rate for up to 8 hours post workout. Cardio lasts a comparatively meagre 1-2 hours.

So get ready to swap the cross trainer for the barbell and start lifting your way to a healthier, fitter, stronger, leaner you!

Compound exercises

The perfect upgrade from cardio is to include compound exercises in your workouts. These exercises will help you to increase overall strength and are perfect for burning lots of calories while strengthening and toning the all important areas.

Squats and deadlifts are a perfect example of this. Performing these essential exercises will strengthen and shape your legs and bum whilst also working your core. They are also two of the biggest calorie burning weight training exercises you can perform. Finding the right deadlift will lead to even quicker results.

Of course, the perfect gym accessory for deadlifts is liquid chalk. Show them you're in charge with shocking pink liquid chalk.

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