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Do you exercise? Do you have hands? Feeling geeky? Great! But first, what is liquid chalk?

Liquid Chalk vs Normal Powdered Chalk

Chalk is held in a suspension of alcohol and water. When it is rubbed onto your hands, the liquid evaporates and chalk is leftover. The advantages over traditional powdered chalk are:

  • Liquid chalk lasts longer during a session since it adheres better to the hand. This means less re-chalking is required.
  • Traditional chalk tends to 'puff' into the air when you touch anything - this is why powdered chalk is banned in many indoor spaces, while liquid chalk is not.
  • Liquid chalk is transported in a bottle. This is more cleaner and more convenient than powder, usually carried around in chalk bags and prone to leakage.
  • Liquid chalk can be spread on only the lifting surfaces of your hands, while powdered chalk tends to coat your fingers. The outside of your fingers do not sweat, so traditional chalk has a tendency to dry the skin. Regular usage can lead to severe skin problems. Liquid chalk does not coat the outside of your hand - unless you squirt it on there, of course.

I knew that, so...

Let's get into the science behind liquid chalk. Liquid chalk is a simple mixture of MgCO3 and alcohol, plus a few manufactured ingredients to make it more crowd-friendly, pleasantly labelled thickener and scent.

Did someone say vodka?

No. We use Isopropyl Alcohol. Not the good stuff. Please do not drink liquid chalk - deadly alcohol aside I can't imagine scent is as lovely as it sounds.

We also add some magic in the form of colour. All this adds up to a supremely vibrant substance that we call Grasp Liquid Chalk.

Shake, squirt, rub, admire, grip

After a quick squirt and rub, you'll notice the liquid chalk drying very rapidly from your hands. You see, alcohol, when it meets the warmth of your hands, very quickly evaporates.

Water does not normally evaporate at body temperature, unless you are running an insane fever or you developed a case of Pyro. However, according to extensive reddit research, alcohol disrupts the bonds between water molecules and both the alcohol and water evaporate.

MgCO3 (aka magnesium carbonate, aka chalk) which had previously been dissolved in the alcohol, is left behind to maintain a sweat-free environment.

That's enough science for one post.

It is easy to make your own liquid chalk and we will put up a video of this very soon. But it is even easier to liquid gym chalk from us. So head over to the shop, grab some Pink Liquid Chalk and steal some attention.

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