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Liquid Chalk Reinvented In Colour

Ben Liquid Chalk

Ever struggled to push out the last few reps of your set and your grip lets you down? Ever had sweaty hands and struggled to hold on to the rock face you were climbing, eternally grateful to the ropes and harness stopping you from falling? Then you need liquid chalk!

Liquid chalk is designed to coat your hands, helping to remove sweat and improve your grip. This helps you lift more, climb higher and hold on for longer.

Take the deadlift for example – the favourite of the weight lifting world. So many benefits from just one lift! As you start going heavier and heavier with the deadlift it is always your grip that goes first. Over time you can work on improving your grip strength – in the meantime chalk up those hands! With liquid chalk - the essential gym accessory - you can worry less about your grip letting you down and focus lifting more weight! Boom!! All about the gains.

And it’s not just useful in the gym or on the rock face. Golfers, horse riders, pole dancers, yoga enthusiasts and many other activities see the benefits of regular liquid chalk.

Liquid chalk is an essential accessory, hence why it is in our collection. But we didn't stop there. We created Grasp Liquid Chalk in true, vibrant colour. Which will you chose? I change my mind on a daily basis and therefore have all 3! So have a peek at your options and let me know which you like.

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